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Our Pets

Pet services and more for you in Princeton

Two rabbits in Princeton

Pets, supplies and so much more

Many people think of a pet store as cats and dogs. However, at our store in Princeton (small as it may be) we have much more! We stock a huge inventory of living companions, as well as accessories, habitats, healthy pet foods, cages and aquariums.

We offer small store, personalized service with inventory packed to the walls! Why should you have to go to Christianburg VA or Beckley to get that hard to find pet or pet item? We probably have it in inventory, and if not, we will special order it for you!
Yes, our business is small, but we will go the extra mile for you and your pet.
Tree frog pet

Birds, fish and name brand, trusted products

Are birds and fish in your future, or perhaps in your present? Let us provide you with nutritious species specific food to keep them healthy, or perhaps a larger habitat to keep them happy? 

We stock a large inventory of cages and aquariums, all sizes for all size feathered and fishy friends, as well as healthy foods, heaters, water treatments and vitamin supplements to help them live long, happy lives. 
Snake at Kimz Pet Express in Princeton

Reptiles and Hamsters

Cold and warm blooded creatures have different lifestyles, different habits and require different food sources, treatment and care. Nocturnal or not, carnivores or herbivores, aggressive or passive, egg layers or mammals, our pet counselors can answer any question!

Come in or contact us today with your pet needs and your pet questions by calling 304-425-4567.

Consider our A to Z inventory of brand name products including:

Advantix 2              
Blue Buffalo
Front Line Plus
Nature's Miracle

Natural Balance
Nature's Miracle
Omega One Fish Food 
Royal Canine          
Science Diet        
API Products 
Super Pet                
Zoo Med              
Whether your friends are feathered, furry or scaly, we have what they need!
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