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Pet Supplies

Top quality pet food in Princeton

At Kimz Pet Express, we believe happy pets are healthy pets. It's very important that you feed your cat or dog high quality pet food to give them the nutrients and support they need to promote lifelong health. Stop by our store today at 127 Brick Street to check out what's in stock! 
Cat from our pet store

Our brands

When you shop with us, you'll always find a wide selection of premium pet food to choose from at prices you can afford. We carry:
  • Front Line Plus 
  • Advantix 2 
  • Science Diet 
  • Natural Balance 
  • Royal Canine
  • Kong Blue
  • Buffalo 
  • Nylabone 
  • Zukes 
  • Greenie’s 
  • Nature’s Miracle 
  • API Products 
  • Flexie
  • Omega One 
  • Fish Food 
  • Zupreem 
  • Super Pet 
  • Zoo Med 
  • And more
Goldfish in a tank from our pet store

Best supplies for any type of pet

From reptiles to cats, we supply food and supplies for any type of pet. If you'd like to call ahead of time and check to see if we have what you need in stock, please don't hesitate to contact us at 304-425-4567. We're always here to help you!

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Consider our A to Z inventory of brand name products including:

Advantix 2              
Blue Buffalo
Front Line Plus
Nature's Miracle

Natural Balance
Nature's Miracle
Omega One Fish Food 
Royal Canine          
Science Diet        
API Products 
Super Pet                
Zoo Med              
Whether your friends are feathered, furry or scaly, we have what they need!
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